Skye Dance XLVII
Skye Dance 47 roared into the clear Kimbro skies Sunday afternoon, October 8th, 2006. Conditions were perfect; winds were less than 10 mph and temperatures were in the low 80s. We launched 5 rockets, all recovered safely and undamaged.
Mark and Denise
Mark's EX motor boosts perfectly! The motor was around an I220.
Tom flew Spectra on a Kosdon K350. This was flight 85 for Spectra.
Really pretty altitude and velocity data from Spectra's flight. The rocket made exactly 5,000 feet.
Stud Duck flew on a Kosdon I300.
Mark's extensively modified "Vertical Assault". Catchy name. Mark blasted it into the heavens for its first flight on an Aerotech J350.
Sunset at Skye Dance