Washington, D.C.
Our nation's capital, and as the license plates proclaim, "A Capital City". One of the great cities of America; the monuments and museums provide days of activities (it would probably take 3 days to do the entire Smithsonian), while restaurants and night life abound in the area, though not in the District itself. I was based in D.C. for a couple of years, so I got to know it pretty well. Unfortunately, I took very few pictures.
The Washington Monument, the most recognizable monument in Washington. Construction started in 1848, was interrupted by the Civil War and lack of funds, and was finally completed in 1885. It was the tallest structure in the world (555 feet tall) until the Eiffel Tower (1,063 feet tall) was completed in 1889. Damaged by the 2011 earthquake, it reopened in 2014.
We do have a good looking Capitol. I was going to give the Prez some advice, but he was out of town!
The Lincoln Memorial. Another outstanding memorial.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial receives over 3 million visitors a year. As of now, 58,272 names on The Wall, including 8 women.
Looking for someone you know on The Wall? Click here.
I am into machines that fly, so the Air and Space Museum is my favorite part of the Smithsonian.
Like airliners? They got them. Everything from a Ford Tri-motor to a Concorde. The Concorde, and larger aircraft are out at the Dulles Airport facility.
Three famous airplanes you may have heard of: The Wright Brothers first airplane, flown at Kitty Hawk; the Spirit of St. Louis, Charles Lindbergh's first airplane to fly the Atlantic; and the Bell X-1, the first supersonic airplane.
The X-15; Mach 7 at 300,000 feet. I'll sign up to fly that!
And they've got rockets too! V2s, Redstones, Jupiters, Vanguards; they've got a very impressive collection!
And it's just not a real museum unless they've got a Tyrannosarus Rex!
My favorite painting from the National Art Gallery, The Sanctuary of Hercules, by Arnold Bocklin. Wow, what a painting. Read about it here.
And if you go in the winter, it can get really cold! Cold enough for ice to form on the Potomac, These 3 shots were from January 2014. The center shot shows the ferry/ice breaker from National Harbor over to Old Town Alexandria.
Sunset over the frozen Potomac.