Skye Dance XLVI
Skye Dance 46 roared into the clear, blue Kimbro skies the evening of Sunday, April 9th, 2006. Conditions were perfect; temperatures were in the mid 70s under clear skies and very light winds. Mark Carlson put up 4 rockets (including an EX propellant) and Tom Montemayor put up 2 rockets (including a two stager). All the flights and recoveries were perfect. A GREAT day!!!
Mark Carlson's scratch built rocket using an EX H motor.
Mark Carlson's scratch built "Turn One" flying on an Aerotech J135.
Tom Montemayor's "Bad Attitude" flying on an Aerotech K550.
Tom's "Twos Company" boosted on an I366R first stage and an H128 second stage. The right photo shows upper stage ignition.
Altitude data from the 2 stage flight; max altitude was 3981 feet.
Velocity data from the 2 stage flight; peak velocity was 491 feet/second during the 2nd stage boost.