Asa - 12/29/2007
Under perfect conditions, our rockets roared into the sky on New Year's Eve, Eve, Eve (December 29th), 2007. I had 3 rockets to fly, but only got 2 in the air due to .....uh......unusual circumstances.
Tom Montemayor with his scratch built Dynacom, "Unshredable".
This was flight number 10 for the reliable, all fiberglass rocket.
L1060 GG Liftoff! The Animal Motor Works Green Gorilla provides lots of power for the 40 pound rocket.
Hung up in the wires. After a perfect flight and dual deployment, the rocket got tangled in high power lines on the way down. It was removed safely later.
Tom Montemayor with Spectra. This would be flight number 88 (and it's last) flight.
Kosdon K350 liftoff! A perfect K power boost.
The rocket reached 6,154 feet at a max velocity of 712 feet/second.
A dual failure. Even redundant recovery fails. Both apogee charges failed to fire and the rocket streamlined in. The 250 foot charge did fire, but did little to slow the near supersonic impact. The fin unit survived and will be part of another rocket.
Charlie Barnett and Mark Carlson with Mark's "Turn Two" scratch built.
Aerotech K185 Liftoff!
The rocket suffered premature ejection but was undamaged and recovered safely.