ASA - 12/02/2006
What a great day for flying rockets!!! The Heart of Texas Rocket Club (HOTROC) once again sponsored a high power launch at their Asa launch site. Conditions were excellent; temperatures were in the mid 50s by afternoon and winds were 5 to 10 all afternoon.
Tom Montemayor with The Integral, a scratch built, 4 inch two stager.
Lifoff! The Integral lifts off under J415 boost. Second stage boost was provided by a J180.
Very clean, good looking altitude and velocity data.
1st stage max velocity: 538 ft/sec
staging velocity: 387 ft/sec
staging altitude: 1650 feet
2nd stage max velocity: 724 ft/sec
at 3381 feet.
2nd stage max altitude: 7568 feet
Liftoff to max altitude: 21.5 seconds
Jim Parker's rocket boosts on an M1939 White Lightning.
Everything functioned perfectly and the rocket made 23,100 feet. It landed over 3 miles away in some power lines, which required the utility company to retrieve the rocket.
Ray Kinsel made 13,000 feet with this flight. Power provided by an AMW L1060 Green Gorilla.
Tom Montemayor's Bad Attitude made 7216 feet after a 12 G liftoff using an L850.