My favorite
Our first stop in Paris is always the Eiffel Tower, mainly because our hotel is only 2 blocks away. It is a magnificant structure...much larger than I expected. Look at the second picture, the people are tiny compared to the structure. We went up to the top, using the elevator, not the stairs, but the top was in the clouds so I didn't get any good photos.
There are lots of sightseeing/dinner boats cruising the river all day and late into the night.
Painting a painting
Entrance to the Louvre
Plan on a couple of days here
You just may recognize these...
. . . Four of my favorites . . .
View out the was snowing
A monument to the glory of the French Army.
View from the top
Notre Dame in the snow
The most famous shopping street in the world!
Bring lots of money.
What is this thing? Must get great mileage!
Our favorite restaurant, Le Volant.
The owner is a former race car driver.
Second and third favorites
Leon's is good for lunch
The Paris subway system; fast, reliable, safe and cheap. Too bad Austin doesn't have a subway system.
The French military academy, opposite the Eiffel Tower.
What a of the great cities of the world. Great sights, great food, museums, I could spend a month in Paris. We've been there twice, February of 2005 and April of 2006. Planning on many more visits...