A land of fabulous scencery, if not the greatest weather! I started my trip in Bergen, where most of the fjord viewing cruise ships begin their journey. Out of Bergen I did day trips to Flam, Voss, and several of the major fjords in the vicinity. Then I flew to Bodo and caught the coastal steamer for an overnight trip to Tromso, above the arctic circle at a latitude of 70 degrees. I took a couple of day trips out of Tromso to see spectacular mountains and glaciers to the east and went fishing in arctic waters to the west.
Scenery around Bergen...
Fjords, some from land and some from the water
Waterfalls everywhere...
...more waterfalls...
Pretty little villages in the fjords
A dazzling cruise up the coast
Midnight sun
Tromso on a rare sunny day
...just look at this place, absolutely gorgeous...
The water is thick with fish. We caught 81 in the few hours we were out there. This is a cod, I think.
.  .  .  Tall moutains and blue glaciers east of Tromso .  .  .
This is the North Atlantic coast, west of Tromso.